audiogram in singapore for bone conduction testing and air conduction testing

Learn the Graph of Hearing Loss

​​An audiogram is a visual representation of the results of a hearing test. An audiogram is a graph that depicts a person’s ability to hear the softest sounds at various pitches and frequencies.

The softer the noises that a person can hear are the closer the marks are to the top of the graph. The varying degrees of hearing loss is shown by where the patient’s results lie on the audiogram.

Symbols for Audiograms

An “O” is frequently used to indicate right ear answers, whereas an “X” is frequently used to represent left ear responses. The different symbols on the audiogram are identified by a key, similar to one seen on a map.

The audiogram shows the most crucial pitches for hearing and interpreting dialogue. When someone talks, each sound has a different pitch and volume. The “s” sound, for example, has a high pitch and is silent. The “o” has a lower pitch and is louder.

Examples of Audiograms

Different levels of hearing impairment are depicted in the audiogram charts below. These graphs depict the audiogram findings obtained during a hearing test.

  • Severe Hearing Loss – People with severe hearing loss may only be able to hear very loud speech or very loud ambient sounds, such as a fire engine siren or a slamming door.

severe hearing loss audiogram is between 66 to 90 db HL

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  • Moderate Hearing Loss – Even at close ranges, people with hearing levels in the moderate range will have difficulties hearing regular speech.

moderate hearing loss audiogram is between 41 to 65 db HL

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  • Mild Hearing Loss – People with modest hearing loss will have difficulty hearing and interpreting quiet speech, speech from a distance, or communication in a noisy environment.

mild hearing loss audiogram is between 25 to 40 db HL

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  • Normal Hearing – This audiogram reveals that your hearing is normal.

normal hearing audiogram is less than 25 db HL

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Conductive Hearing Loss Audiogram

hearing thresholds of a conductive hearing loss audiogram

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Blockage or injury to either the ear canal or middle ear may cause conductive hearing loss.

Noises have a harder time reaching your inner ear as a result, making it difficult to hear subtle sounds.

There are various reasons for conductive hearing loss. Many of them are very transitory and may be remedied with medication.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss Audiogram

hearing threshold of a sensorineural hearing loss audiogram

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Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by abnormalities or damage to the cochlea and/or the auditory nerve system either due to old age or loud noise.

Hearing loss of this nature is typically irreparable. Noise induced hearing loss and neural hearing impairments are two types of sensorineural hearing loss.

Mixed Hearing Loss Audiogram

hearing threshold of a mixed hearing loss audiogram

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When both conductive and sensorineural components are present, mixed hearing loss occurs. The conductive component of a mixed hearing loss, like that of conductive hearing loss, may be temporary and/or vary.

Both air conduction and bone conduction thresholds are impaired in mixed hearing impairments, although air conduction thresholds are worse than bone conduction thresholds (an air-bone gap is present).

Pure Tone Audiogram

Hearing status is measured using pure-tone audiometry, a behavioural test. To determine your hearing ability, an audiometry test is performed. It can be used to detect the source and severity of hearing loss in people who are deaf.

An ENT surgeon will usually recommend the test, which will be done by an audiologist. The exam measures how sensitive your hearing is by using different pitches of sound.

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