Completely In Canal Hearing Aids or CIC

completely in canal hearing aids

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One of your initial concerns upon learning you need a hearing aid may be how noticeable it will be to others; a study indicated that making a hearing aid almost invisible improves the likelihood that someone will buy one by 30 to 40%. Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aids are one of the types of hearing aids that are discrete and excellent hearing aid options if you find yourself leaning toward a less obvious solution.

What Are Completely In Canal Hearing Aids

CIC hearing aids are very compact and discrete devices because they fit entirely inside your ear canal. It won’t be noticeable to onlookers until they peek straight into your ear.

Because a mold of your ear canal was used to create CICs, they are specifically tailored to fit you. This implies that they will be secure inside your ear and that you will find them comfy.

It is not entirely undetectable. When worn, it can be seen outside of the ear canal because it is not the smallest custom hearing aid, but it is small, and you can frequently choose a color that complements your skin tone.

The CIC hearing aid is customized to fit the ear canal of each user. For excellent comfort and hearing performance, it is built to precisely match one’s ear anatomy. It fits snugly into the ear so that the user can have a wonderful natural healing process.

It has clear sound comfort technology, which is intended to offer distortion-free listening comfort for loud sounds and excellent clarity for gentler tones. Additionally, it may deliver an experience that is nearly free of feedback (thanks to its feedback cancellation system). Even better, it makes it possible for the user to appreciate music more fully (thanks to improved note clarity and sound quality). Last but not least, it can help people who have ringing in their ears.

How do they function? Your ear canal receives sounds that are directed downward. As they travel through your ear canal to your eardrum, the CIC hearing aid processes and amplifies them. CICs differ slightly from Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids, which are hardly visible even when you’re staring directly into the ear and rest in the second bend of the ear canal.

The Difference Between CIC and IIC Hearing Aids

The tiniest and most covert hearing aid models are IIC and CIC. IIC styles are just as described virtually unnoticeable in the canal. They must be withdrawn by pulling on a short pull-out rope after being inserted extremely deeply in the ears by the wearer. But “completely in the canal,” CICs are not as deeply seated in the ear.

Who Is a Good Candidate for CIC Hearing Aids

The applicability of a hearing aid truly depends on a number of aspects, including your ear structure, your hearing demands, etc. There is no one size fits all approach to hearing aids. Hearing aids that are completely in the canal fall under the heading of bespoke hearing aids. For the best comfort and control, it is therefore individually fitted to each user’s ear.

People who have mild to moderate hearing loss and are looking for a more discreet hearing aid in Singapore might consider the CIC hearing aid.

Cost of CIC Hearing Aids

It can be challenging to provide precise pricing because there are thousands of different brands and types of hearing aids available in Singapore. However, to give you an idea, the starting price for a basic hearing aid device in Singapore is $800, and the price for a quality hearing aid device can reach $7,000. You can contact us to learn more about the pricing.

How to Care For Your New CIC Hearing Aids

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A hearing aid is a priceless item that needs careful handling. In order to receive the finest sound quality and keep your hearing aid working for years to come, it’s always vital to clean and maintain it. It’s crucial to manage your hearing aid with care in general. Here are some pointers for caring for your hearing aids:

  • When putting in or taking out your hearing aid, lean over the table to minimize the distance it could fall.
  • Keep moisture and hot heat away from your hearing aids.
  • Before using a hair dryer, swimming, getting radiation therapy, or taking a shower, take your hearing aids out.

CIC hearing aids cleaning

A unique small vent tube with an opening close to the sound outlet is present in some CIC hearing aids. To clean it, adhere to these steps:

  1. Remove the batteries from your hearing aid.
  2. A CIC hearing aid’s wax-removing tool features a long and a short end. The extended end has a little ball at the very tip that is used to clean out this vent.
  3. The vent opening is located close to the tip of the hearing aid. Insert the long end of the wax-removing tool into this opening.
  4. Allow any earwax to be pushed out of the hearing aid by turning it so that the open battery tray is facing downward.
  5. To get rid of any wax that has accumulated around the microphone opening on the battery drawer, use the short end of the wax-removing tool.
  6. From the inside of the battery drawer, insert the wax-removing tool’s short end through the microphone opening.

Cleaning the wax guard on your hearing aids

A unique kind of filter installed in the sound exit is called a wax guard. Wax and debris are kept out of the sound channel thanks to the filter. If your hearing aid includes a wax guard, it’s crucial to clean out any debris or wax that has gathered there. For this, make use of a soft cloth or a little brush. The frequency with which your wax guard needs to be changed can vary depending on how much earwax you create.

NOTE: Wax and grime can clog the hearing aid even after a thorough cleaning, leading to problems. Your hearing aid may sound faint or distorted as a result. Return your hearing aid to your hearing care provider for repair if this occurs.

Get the Best Completely In Canal Hearing Aids

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Numerous factors can influence which hearing aid style and kind is best for you. It can be your lifestyle preferences, the severity of your hearing loss, or aesthetic considerations. Make an appointment with J Glasses hearing aids in Singapore to learn more about hearing aids and how to select the best hearing aids. We are available to assist you.