Eye Screening Services in Singapore

Do you find yourself struggling to read texts with small font or looking at objects that are far away? Do you sometimes get headaches and tired eyes?

A study by the Singapore Eye Research Institute highlighted that one in two children can develop myopia by the age of 12 and 83% of 18-year-olds will turn myopic.

Vision impairment can affect anyone at any age. Aside from genetics, vision impairment can also be attributed poor habits (like reading in the dark and spending too much time in front of the television), old age, as well as illnesses like diabetes.

5 of the most common types of vision impairment include:

  1. Blurred vision
  2. Hazy vision
  3. Light sensitivity
  4. Night blindness
  5. Loss of central vision

If you struggle with any form of vision impairment, it is imperative to get an eye screening done at your local optician in Singapore. This is where J Glasses & Hearing can provide some assistance.

Use our Eye Screening Services in Singapore

Routine eye screening can not only detect early signs of vision impairment, but they can also detect diseases like glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy.

J Glasses & Hearing is a vision and hearing specialist based in Singapore. We provide eye screening services in Singapore geared towards helping you discover effective solutions to improve the quality of your vision.

After completing the eye screening, our team of dedicated specialists in Singapore will be able to recommend appropriate solutions. These could range from prescription sunglasses or digital lenses.

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