Hearing Aids for Seniors

Hearing Aids for Seniors

In 2012, WHO released a new evaluation on the magnitude of disabling hearing loss. It is estimated that 360 million persons worldwide suffer from disabling hearing loss, making it 5.3% of the world’s population. Additionally, one-third of persons over 65 years are affected by disabling hearing loss.

This article will talk about affordable and practical hearing aids for seniors, the signs of hearing disability, and what to expect when buying hearing aids for seniors.

Signs of Hearing Disability

It is common for hearing loss to occur gradually as you age. A hearing loss can be defined with one of three types: conductive, sensorineural, or a mix of the two. Chronic exposure to loud noises and aging both contribute to hearing loss, among other factors.

Essentially, you can’t undo most types of hearing loss, but you and your doctor or a hearing specialist can take practical steps to improve your hearing.

Signs you have a hearing loss include:

  • Muffling of speech and other sounds.
  • Struggling to understand words, especially in a noisy background.
  • Difficulty in hearing consonants.
  • Struggling with the conversion with others and frequently require others to speak louder and clearer.
  • Needing to turn up the volume of the television or radio.

When Do You Need a Hearing Aid?

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You must be wondering if you need a hearing aid once you start to experience signs and symptoms of a hearing loss. Essentially, the best action for you to take is to consult your hearing experts or doctors regarding your hearing problems.

According to Alvin deTorres, MD, of the University of Utah Health, “Early treatment is best. When people, especially older people, cannot hear for long periods, it can cause them to feel detached from the world.”

What to Expect When Buying Hearing Aids?

When buying a hearing aid, your audiologist is expected to custom fit your hearing aid according to your needs and guide you through the adjustment period. Below are the things you should expect from your hearing expert:

  • Walk you through the type of hearing loss you have and what kinds of hearing aids work best for you.
  • Explaining all the charges of the hearing aids, including servicing, repairs and warranty fees.
  • Run a test on the hearing aids.
  • Guidance on the usage and maintenance of your hearing aid.

The key to getting the most out of a hearing aid is starting with an excellent medical exam and then finding a hearing professional that will work with you before, during and after your purchase.

Get Affordable Hearing Aids for Seniors at JGlasses & Hearing

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Hearing aids need to be custom fitted. Thus, it is advisable not to purchase a hearing aid by mail-order. A hearing aid’s squealing noise may indicate a wax build-up in the ear canal, and hearing aids need to be cleaned and readjusted.

A hearing aid matches your individual needs and preference with so many different shapes, styles, and colours. Depending on your unique hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget, Bernafon hearing aids provide clients with advanced performance categories, more options and adjustable settings to cater to challenging listening situations.

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