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Although Bernafon is a company that looks into the future, they are also conscious of and proud of its solid market position and more than 70 years of experience in hearing healthcare. To create and promote products that assist those with hearing challenges, Bernafon has worked tirelessly in the passionate manner of its founders.

Millions of individuals now can hear and communicate more effectively because of them and the thousands of hearing healthcare experts working in more than 70 countries. Every one of their workers is essential to their success.

They all join together in support of the principles they stand for despite having a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. This influences their global culture and the direction of their company’s future.

Bernafon is a company specialising in integrated circuit design, signal processing, wireless technology, audiology, software development, and hardware design. Their technology improves and helps you, driven by a passion for making dynamic hearing aid even better.

How Much Do Bernafon Hearing Aids Cost in Singapore

Depending on the hearing aid device manufacturer, model, and features, a hearing aid can range in price from $800 to $8,000 per unit. The price range for hearing aids with more basic features is often cheaper than those with more sophisticated technology and a wider variety of functions.

However, the price of hearing aids goes beyond their capabilities and features. Our goal at J Glasses is to provide you and the people you care about with a high-quality product. As a result, we offer free value-added services, including follow-up and hearing aid adjustments.

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The Different Models of Bernafon Hearing Aids Available

There are many different models of Bernafon hearing aids available on the market. Each model is designed to meet specific needs from mild to profound hearing loss. When considering purchasing a Bernafon hearing aid, it is important to understand the different models and which one might be best for you.

We will describe the main model of Bernafon hearing aids and explain how it differs from others.

Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids

alpha digital hearing aids

Alpha, the most recent generation of Bernafon hearing aids, was recently presented to you. There were two different kinds of these hearing aids, battery-powered hearing aids and rechargeable hearing aids.

Bernafon Alpha hearing aids fit behind the ear and have a wire with a receiver that goes into the ear. They were initially only available in the more expensive Premium, Advanced, and Standard categories, however, to the satisfaction of many, they have now increased the possibilities.

Due to their Alpha 3 and Alpha 1, you may now enjoy their advantages in the more accessible Basic and Essential ranges. By doing this, Bernafon reaches even the most fundamental areas with cutting-edge technology.

The flora of the natural world serves as inspiration for Bernafon Alpha hearing aids. This hearing aids perfectly blend comfort and audibility with their ground-breaking Hybrid Technology.

This technology responds differently depending on the auditory environment in which you are to achieve this. The Alphas still prioritise speech understanding (the primary goal of any hearing aid). Still, they provide access to ambient noise without interfering with language comprehension.

You will be constantly aware of and alert to your surroundings in this way, much like an unrestrained animal in its natural home. You’ll get a sense of being in the now.

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Why Bernafon Hearing Aids Are the Best Choice for Singaporeans

It can be tough to make a decision when it comes to choosing a hearing aid. There are so many different hearing aid brands and styles available on the market, it can be challenging to know which is the best option for you.

If you’re looking for a quality brand that will provide you with years of faithful service, Bernafon hearing aids are the ideal choice for Singaporeans because their hearing aid features align with today’s hearing system technology.

2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

The Made for iPhone® hearing aids provide direct interaction and control with an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod®touch. Users may experience sound streaming straight to their hearing aids.


The SoundClip-A is a multifunctional device that allows limitless sound streaming and is “designed for all phones” hands-free phone calls to both ears. It works with various 2.4 GHz standard Bluetooth®audio devices, including the AndroidTM, iPhone®, and many others.

EasyControl-A App

The controls on an app go beyond those of a typical hearing aid. Quickly and discretely control volume, change programmes, mute hearing aids, check battery life, and other features with the EasyControl-A app.

If you accidentally placed your hearing aid down somewhere and can’t remember where there is also a “Find my hearing instrument” feature.

RC-A (Remote Control)

Using a simple remote control with buttons that are easy to see, you can adjust your hearing aids. It is discrete and light. For instance, it’s effortless to adjust the volume using this tiny gadget.

SoundGate 3

You have the option to listen to a variety of wired and wireless audio sources with your hearing aids with SoundGate. Some Bernafon hearing aids and Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones can communicate with each other through it.

SoundGate App

Beyond what a hearing aid’s standard settings can do, the SoundGate app does more. Switch between programmes, adjust the level and connect to other devices with the SoundGate and the app on your phone.

SoundGate Mic

When used with the SoundGate 3, this covert microphone makes it easier to interpret speech and conduct one-on-one conversations in loud settings.

Get the Best Hearing Aid Solution With Bernafon

profound hearing losses with challenging listening situations

These days, it’s simpler to obtain hearing aids and online forums that help those with hearing loss. Visit our hearing care centres in Singapore for hearing tests and hearing aid fitting if you’re contemplating purchasing a set of high-quality hearing aids in Singapore.

You may also benefit from our no-cost hearing test. Speaking with our qualified hearing care professional before buying your Bernafon hearing aid is crucial. You will have the chance to do so to ask any questions you may have regarding your hearing aid and to get suggestions for your particular circumstance.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the hearing aids and book your appointment and talk to our hearing care professional; we are ready to help you.