Hearing Lost Test in Singapore

Did you know that as many as 360 thousand persons are affected by hearing loss in Singapore?

Aside from ageing, hearing loss can be caused by ignorance or poor habits. Also, this impairment can also be a result of genetics and can affect anyone at any age.

If one’s hearing is impaired, it could mean that one could be partly or completely unable to hear in one or both ears. With that in mind, it is highly tantamount of one to undergo hearing assessments or tests at one’s local hearing specialist in Singapore.

J Glasses & Hearing provides hearing tests for the elderly, adults and other individuals who may be concerned about their hearing. Based in Singapore, J Glasses & Hearing aspires to provide hearing solutions at affordable prices.


Causes of Hearing Loss and Solutions

Before using our facilities to undergo a hearing test or examination, one must first understand the possible causes of hearing loss.

Ageing is one of the most common causes in Singapore. But hearing loss can affect young adults as well. Some other sources could include injuries to the ear, wax buildup, dislocation of the middle ear bones as well as foreign objects.

If you are experiencing some difficulty with your hearing, getting a hearing test in Singapore can help detect early signs of hearing loss. An early examination could help determine whether you would need to use hearing aids to prevent the condition from worsening.

The test will be conducted by our audiometrician in Singapore. It can be completed in 20 minutes. You will be asked to wear a headset and listen to a range of sounds at different intensities of loudness. After the test, the audiometrician will give the final verdict. Click here to read more.


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