Invisible Hearing Aids in Singapore

Do you find yourself struggling to follow conversations? Do you constantly increase the volume of your television and radio?

You might be at risk of hearing loss.

TODAY Online reported that as many as 400 thousand older adults in Singapore suffer from hearing loss. These numbers are expected to double in 2030.

Hearing loss is generally associated with old age. But it can affect anyone of any age at any point in time. Hearing difficulties can be caused by various factors. Aside from ageing, hearing loss can be attributed to excessive exposure to loud noise, diabetes, acoustic tumours, hypertension, injury and even genetics.

Hearing impairment can be frustrating for individuals who have it as well as their loved ones.


Managing Hearing Loss with Invisible Hearing Aids in Singapore

Coping with hearing loss would involve the use of invisible hearing aids. These devices can help one hear better and be more alert.

Based in Singapore, J Glasses & Hearing provides a full suite of solutions for your vision and hearing. Our hearing aids can be hidden inside the ear. These devices are so tiny that no one will notice that you are hearing them. Furthermore, they provide comfort for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

As a hearing and vision specialist in Singapore, J Glasses & hearing aspires to deliver high quality products and excellent customer service to give our customers a better quality of life.


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Hearing loss can affect any individual and it is important to undergo and examination to find out what solutions are suitable for your condition. J Hearing & Glasses offers hearing assessments. Find out more here.

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