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What Causes Poor Eyesight?

In the age of cell phones, myopia and long-sightedness affect numerous people. It could make regular day-to-day activities like reading, studying and watching television and movies uncomfortable.

Aside from being glued to one’s cell phone, poor eyesight can be caused by numerous factors including age, genetics, environment, overexposure to sunlight, poor eye care, and lack of sleep.

Enjoy Better Vision with Glasses

Without treatment, one’s vision could further deteriorate and lead to headaches.

Migitating this issue involves using glasses and contact lenses which could help one enjoy clearer vision.

However, if you are looking for glasses on a budget, then J Glasses & Hearing is the eyecare specialist here to serve you. We have various promotions available on our eyecare products in Singapore.

In addition to having glasses promotions, we also leverage innovative technologies to give our customers in Singapore effective solutions to help them enjoy better vision. Click here to find out more about our eyecare solutions and understand how our glasses work.

As innovators in the optical and hearing marketing, J Glasses & hearing strives to help all customers enjoy a better quality of life. In providing regular promotions to our valued customers in Singapore, we hope to make eyecare solutions more accessible to everyone.

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