Bilateral Contralateral Routing of Signals or BiCROS Hearing Aid

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Due to the head shadow effect, patients with unilateral hearing loss or severe to profound single-sided deafness may have trouble determining the direction of the sound source. The skull will prevent sounds from the ears with significant hearing loss from reaching the healthy ear.

The patient finds hearing sounds clearly in this condition challenging, especially in a busy environment.

What Are BiCROS Hearing Aids

There are several types of hearing aid, including behind-the-ear, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, and BiCROS devices. Each of these fashions has a shape and function suited for a patient or user.

BiCROS, which stands for Bilateral Contralateral Routing of Signals, uses the same basic idea as CROS hearing aids, transporting hearing signals from the severely impaired ear to the hearing ear for processing.

CROS devices are designed for individuals with hearing impairment in one ear. BiCROS are for users with hearing impairment in both ears but where one of the ears is so poor in hearing that a conventional hearing aid will not help.

How Do They Work

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Since the auditory organ is in good shape, the normal hearing ear will receive and process the signals naturally. CROS contains a transmitter that receives sound from a severe ear and delivers it to the normal hearing ear.

In the BiCROS system, on the other hand, the receiver in the better hearing ear will receive the signals and transfer them to an amplifier to enhance them. The transmitter gets sound from the severe ear and delivers it to the better hearing ear. The movement is finally sent to the better ear for hearing.

Benefits of Using BiCROS Hearing Aids

People with hearing loss in both ears with one being more severe than the other may now hear better thanks to BiCROS hearing devices. They use the fact that you have two ears. Still, with the invention of wireless audio connections, there is no longer a need for a physical line to link the two halves.

Similar to how conventional hearing aids magnify sounds, they also help you become more aware of other sounds around you.

It could take some time to get used to these hearing aids since they may feel weird. To give your adjustment the most incredible opportunity, it’s crucial to wear your hearing aids as often as you can.

Drawbacks to BiCROS Hearing Aids

BiCROS devices have several drawbacks despite all of their advantages. The primary one is that sound localisation is still impossible. Since gadgets only convey information to one ear from all sides, a person cannot pinpoint the source of the sound, especially in a busy environment with different background noise.

Best Price for BiCROS Hearing Aid in Singapore

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If you or a loved one exhibits a problem with hearing, get professional assistance. Many different instruments are available in modern medicine to assist patients, including high-tech items like BiCROS hearing aids, CROS hearing aids and others. With a bit of time and patience, you’ll be able to hear your surroundings more easily. So, What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment to visit J Glasses now.

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