An audiogram is a visual representation of the results of a hearing test on a graph. Learn the many graphs of hearing loss and normal hearing.

Hearing Devices

The hearing aid features are the important factors that influence the pricing. Find out how to choose the right hearing devices in Singapore.

Audiometry Test

Audiometry is a test to determine the severity of any hearing loss you may have. Learn more on how to book a free hearing test in Singapore.

How Do Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids reproduce sounds by amplifying and adjusting the signals that it receives. Learn more in detail on hearing aids components and how does it work.

Sleeping With Contact Lens

Sleeping with contact lens sounds convenient. You would have to determine after reading this article if it is truly worth the risks that come with doing so.

Hearing Loss Singapore

Statistics show that 1 in every 11 adults in Singapore suffers hearing loss. Find out more about the symptoms and causes of hearing loss and how to get tested.

Hearing Aids for Seniors

We are committed to delivering excellent services for your hearing aids solutions for seniors and adults at affordable prices with the highest satisfaction.

Analog vs Digital Hearing Aids

We provide different selections of hearing aids that can fit your daily hearing issues and needs. Visit us for expert consultation today!

Spectacle for Children in Singapore

We provide a spectacle for children that is durable, fashionable, and fits your child’s vision needs. Get your kids the right eyewear for their eyes' health.

Hearing Aid Price in Singapore

Discover the price of hearing aid in Singapore. Get yourself now a hearing aid that meets your budget, lifestyle, and hearing needs here at JGlasses & Hearing.