Smart Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Keep Your Eyes Fashionably Protected with ZEISS Outdoor Lens Solutions

ZEISS Outdoor Lens Solutions offer fashionable UV protection and extremely clear vision outdoors in the sun for all outdoor activities, with or without prescription. These lenses are available in tailored lens designs, from single vision to progressives. This versatile, high-performing fashion accessory is indispensable for ensuring you enjoy superb, clear vision and 100% protection against UV rays.

ZEISS Outdoor Lens Solutions filter out up to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation, providing optimum protection for your eyes. Enjoy comfortable vision when you’re outdoors in the sun. Be spoiled for choices with more than 100 different colour combinations, available in solid/gradient tints with polarized or mirror coating options.

Here’s a tip: the more sensitive your eyes are to light, the darker the sunglass tint should be. Bright tints and gradient tints are ideal on cloudy days with little sunlight, whereas dark tints protect your eyes in strong sunshine.

Polarized Lenses

Polarised lenses from ZEISS can effectively filter disturbing glare from reflections. A further key advantage is more sharply focused vision. Contours become clearer; vision in bright sunlight is perceived as considerably more relaxing and less fatiguing. In other words, these spectacle lenses don’t just protect your eyes against the sun – they also ensure improved vision without irritating glare.

Sport Lenses

ZEISS Sports Lenses provide the optimum optical correction for all curved frames – and make aberrations a thing of the past. Wrapped lenses that protect the eyes from dust, dirt, the sun and flying pebbles are an optical challenge, especially in the peripheral zones.

Yet, this is what exactly counts if you want to ensure you can also see optimally when looking sideways through the lens. ZEISS technologies with a fully-compensated optic design make this possible for excellent peripheral vision.

ZEISS Cosmetic Edge® Technology also helps to reduce the edge thickness in myopic lenses by up to 30% in high prescription lenses* for improved aesthetics.

On top of that, there’s a fit for every frame thanks to very large lens diameters with variable parameters, variable decentration and flexible base curve selection.

*Depending on the shape size, lens power and centration data

Self-Tinting Lens

ZEISS AdaptiveSun® Solutions are smart sunglass lenses that adapt to changing light. They are available in four fashionable colours, in solid or gradient tints that provide protection in medium to high light intensity.

When exposed to UV light, these smart sunglass lenses automatically changed their colour tone from very dark in bright sunlight to a moderate dark shade in lower levels of light.