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The average age people usually get contact lenses is 13, but it has been shown that some younger children are responsible enough to wear and maintain contact lenses. Successful lens wear depends more on responsibility and attitude than age. Speak with our team of Optometrists to determine if your child is a good candidate for contact lenses.
Ever heard of contact lenses melting over a barbeque? Don’t worry, this is fake news. The lens material can only decompose at temperatures much higher than the boiling point of water.
Not likely. Contact lenses can be easily removed using the method our Optometrists recommended. All it takes is practice and patience.

It depends on the product you are using.  It is generally recommended not to wear your lenses for more than 8- 10 hours.  If find yourself wearing > 10 hours per day, your eye care professional can recommend lenses that are better able to cater to your lifestyle needs.

Yes. There are wide range of products available in the maket including ones that corrects astigmatism or presbyopia. Your eye care professional can help you decide which lenses are right for you.

Yes. In mild cases, you may use eye lubricants or rewetting drop to improve wearing experience.

However, wearing lenses may further aggravate your dry eyes symptoms. In severe dry eyes conditions it is advisable to treat the cause of dry eyes before exploring other lens options.

Yes. However it recommended to use only daily disposable lenses and to dispose the lenses immediately after you are done with the water activities.

It is impossible for your lenses to get lost or missing in your eye. However, there are cases where the lens folds in half and gets trapped underneath your upper eyelid. These lenses can be easily removed after dislodging it from the lids with the use of eye rewetting drops. If you cannot  find  or remove the lenses, ask your eye care professional to help you.

Yes. It is generally recommended to wear your lenses before you make up and remove your lenses before removing your make up. This is to minimise contamination and makeup build-up on your lenses.

-Follow the recommended wearing schedule and lens care regimen.

-Storing your lenses in clean and dry area. Toliet is not a good place for storage.

-Always make sure you LOOK good, SEE good and FEEL good with your lenses. Stop your lens wear and contact your eye care profession if you experience any symptoms of eye infections.