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What is a Hearing Test?

It is a basic hearing test conducted at our centre in Singapore to find out the softest levels of sound someone can hear at individual pitches of sounds (hearing thresholds). When a sound is heard, the person responds by raising a hand.

Hearing Test Session

An audiometrician will conduct the hearing test with an audiometer and evaluate your hearing capacity. During the test, you will wear a headset and hear a range of sounds at different loudness intensities. After which, the audiometrician will conclude your hearing capacity and recommend appropriate solutions. A hearing test is totally painless, and it can be completed within 20 mins at our location in Singapore. Generally, a reading that is less than a threshold of 30 dB is recognized as normal.

Sense-Sensitive Environments for Seniors

As we age, our senses can diminish, drastically impacting quality of life whether we live at home or in a community of care.
A research collaboration between Sodexo and the University of Ottawa Life Research Institute has deepened our understanding of how to create sense-sensitive environments that will improve quality of life for seniors everywhere.

J Glasses Hearing

80% of people over 85 have noticeable hearing loss

This can make participating in conversations difficult. It is important to undertake hearing solutions to enhance one’s quality of life in Singapore and beyond.

285 million

people have some visual impairment like myopia and long-sightedness.

Seniors with diminished vision may have difficulty distinguishing between similar colors. To mitigate this issue, one has to acquire good spectacles from an authorized shop in Singapore.

Aside from good glasses, our shop in Singapore is able to recommend other eyecare solutions to help one improve the quality of vision. Click here to view.

The number of taste buds we have decline with age. The decline starts at age:

40 in Women

50 in Men

Sense of smell can diminish with age and impact seniors’ ability to taste food.

We lose

1% of our ability to touch each year

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What our customers got to say

I came to get a pair of shades for my grandson and I saw that J Glasses provide hearing aids. I was approached by a friendly staff at the Simei branch and explained to me the services they provide. Decided to try for the hearing aids and was referred to Paya Lebar. I am still using their hearing aids and they also provide good support. Highly recommended.

Mdm. Jacelyn Lim, Happy Customer

My son brought me to J Glasses to get a hearing aid. I was afraid to share my hearing problem but Henry really helped me a lot in the advises. Finally I can hear better!

Mr. Edwin Tan, Satisfied Customer

I would recommend J Glasses to anyone as they have really helped me a lot on my hearing problems. They have experienced optometrists who always give advises. Thank you J Glasses!

Mrs. Ng, Satisfied Customer