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What is a Hearing Test?

It is a basic hearing test conducted at our centre in Singapore to find out the softest levels of sound someone can hear at individual pitches of sounds (hearing thresholds). When a sound is heard, the person responds by raising a hand.
An audiometrician will conduct the hearing test with an audiometer and evaluate your hearing capacity. During the test, you will wear a headset and hear a range of sounds at different loudness intensities. After which, the audiometrician will conclude your hearing capacity and recommend appropriate solutions. A hearing test is totally painless, and it can be completed within 20 mins at our location in Singapore. Generally, a reading that is less than a threshold of 30 dB is recognized as normal.

As we age, our senses can diminish, drastically impacting quality of life whether we live at home or in a community of care.

A research collaboration between Sodexo and the University of Ottawa Life Research Institute has deepened our understanding of how to create sense-sensitive environments that will improve quality of life for seniors everywhere.

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