Spectacle for Children in Singapore

Spectacle for Children

Vision problems in children often go unnoticed, and undetected eyesight problems may significantly impact a child’s performance in or out of school. Hence, parents need to recognise the signs of vision impairment among children. If you are a parent with a kid who needs a spectacle for children, searching for the right eyewear can be confusing. There are several things to consider, and keeping them comfortable with the spectacle should be your number one concern.

Do You Need Spectacle for Children for Your Kid?

Spectacle for Children
As a parent, it is vital to notice signs of vision impairment among children. Early detection can help by improving children’s eyesight and preventing the condition from worsening.


Children with eyesight problems often squint to improve focus and clarity of their vision. Take notice of your child’s squinting habits, as it may indicate a refractive error or myopia and the need for spectacle.

Headaches or Eye Pain

Be wary of your child’s complaint of headaches or eye pain. This may be a sign of growing eyesight problems, and the pain comes from an increased effort to improve focus blurred vision.

Covering One Eye or Tilting Head

If you notice your child covering one eye or tilting their head to one side, it is likely due to their attempt to increase the clarity of their blurred vision. There are many possible causes to this, namely amblyopia, where the eyes are misaligned, astigmatism, or exotropia, which means the child is extra sensitive to bright light.

Excessive Eye Rubbing and Tearing

Be aware of your child’s excessive eye rubbing and tearing, as this may be due to eye fatigue or strain and other problematic eyesight symptoms. Although children demonstrate these behaviours often, doing it excessively may indicate the need for medical attention.

Your Kid Needs The Right Spectacle for Children

Spectacle for Children

Types of  Spectacle for Children

There are various types of spectacle available, depending on the vision problems and requirements. Parents need to also choose the spectacle depending on the optician’s prescription for the children. Some cases require thicker lenses, so large frames would be inappropriate as they increase the spectacle’ thickness.

Proper Bridge Fit

A proper bridge fit is necessary for choosing the right spectacle for your children to ensure comfort while wearing the spectacle. As young children have not fully developed their noses, a bridge can be adjusted with metal frame spectacle.

Lens Materials

Essentially, children’s eyewear should be made of polycarbonate or Trivex due to its light and impact-resistant characteristics. Additionally, these lenses have built-in protection against potentially damaging ultraviolet rays.

Best Optician in Singapore for Spectacle for Children

As parents, the first thing to do when you suspect your children’s need for eyewear is to set an appointment with the nearest optician. The optician will diagnose your children’s eye condition and recommend the right solution for them. At J Glasses & Hearing, we provide a spectacle for children that is durable, fashionable, and help fit your child’s eyewear needs. Schedule an appointment with our professional opticians at our shop today, and get your kid myopia control lenses now.