Hearing Aid Price in Singapore

Hearing Aid Prices in Singapore


Are you currently experiencing difficulty hearing and currently looking for the best hearing aids and treatments available in the market? Hearing loss may negatively affect your lifestyle, and procuring a medical device might help get you your life back. However, how much will the hearing aids in Singapore costs?

Price of Hearing Aids

There are various hearing aids available in the market with hundreds of thousands of different styles, making it difficult to state the exact price of hearing aids in Singapore. Typically, a basic hearing aid price in Singapore may start as cheap as $800 per piece and may go up to $6,000 per piece for a premium hearing aid device.

What Determines the Price of Hearing Aid?

As they are different brands and types of hearing aids, the technology and features determine a hearing aid price. Let us have a look at various factors influencing hearing aid costs.


Various hearing aid styles – ranging from behind-the-ear (BTE) to completely-in-canal (CIC) offer different design and functionality. Getting the right hearing aid, depending on the severity of your hearing difficulty, is essential.


Hearing aids with exceptional features tend to have a higher price than basic hearing aid devices. Among premium hearing aid functionality includes wireless connectivity, multiple listening capacity, and rechargeability to integrate the device effortlessly.


With new technology, improvements in products and mechanical devices are possible, such as the digital hearing aids that provide enhanced performance for users, such as noise reduction and directional microphone that result in improved listening of the wearer.


Last but not least is the design of a hearing aid. Modern, discreet, and almost invisible hearing aids are available, which plays a role in hearing aids prices in the market. Despite the design, you need to choose the hearing aids based on your needs and capabilities.

Get Your Hearing Aid Now

Finding the perfect hearing aid device is a crucial investment for a person with a hearing disability. Besides the cost of hearing aids, it is best to consider the level of aftercare services you will receive. At J Glasses & Hearing, we understand that when it comes to hearing better, the expertise, care, and advice you get are just as necessary as your hearing aids.

Essentially, you can get our hearing experts to guide you through the list of different hearing aids and find the best device that fits your lifestyle. Learn more about our hearing aids in Singapore and call us or drop by at our shop for your hearing test enquiry.